About us

                                                    About the homestead


Brief history of our home

Möðrudalur is the highest inhabited farm in Iceland (469 m), situated just around the
corner of the highlands north of Vatnajökull glacier. People have lived in Mödrudalur
ever since Iceland was settled and covers 6700 hectares (670 km2). In the early
days, it was one of the most distinguished farms in the country. Through the ages,
Möðrudalur was important crossroad, located where two trails mentioned in the
ancient sagas intersected: that of the bishops and that of Sámur.


The church and the artist

Jón Stefánsson was one of the farmers through the years. He made the church with
his own hands in 1949 in memory of his wife Þórunn Oddsen Vilhjálmsdóttir. The
church is unique for many reasons, the altar piece is painted by Jon himself as well
as handmade silver candle sticks for the altar. It has a tower with a light on top that
serves as a lighthouse for travellers during bad weather. The son of Jón was Stefán
Jónsson, artist named STÓRVAL, he was an excellent painter as his father and got
famous by various paintings of the mountain of Mödrudalur called Herðubreið
(1682m), which turned out to be chosen by the Icelanders- the queen mountain of


The mountains and their glory

When the ring road was moved away from here in 2001, we (Vilhjalmur and Elisabet)
saw it as an opportunity and have been building up travel service along with goat
and sheep farm that was here for centuries. The travel service name is
FJALLADÝRÐ which could be translated to Mountain glory. In 2018 we also built a
small café, BEITARHÚSIÐ (pasture house), located 7 km from the farm, right by the
ring road. This café serves guests traveling along the ring road, providing a much-
needed stop in an area where the distances between places are quite long.
Mödrudalur farm is one of the closest places to Askja caldera volcano and Kverkfjöll
in Vatnajökull glacier. Therefore, it is very convenient to take a day tour by yourself
into the highlands or take a seat in one of our super jeeps for it. Our local guides are
specialized in super-jeeps driving, geology and history of the area.

Our aim is to be as self-sufficient as possible keeping our environment and the
glorious nature our priority, while still offering an authentic and personalized
experience of life in the highlands. We provide traditional food, culture, and
accommodation in peaceful surroundings where you can experience true Icelandic
rural life. Therefore, we chose the turf to be part of our front architecture when we
build up a house here.


The taste of highlands- dine and explore

Our dinner menu at FJALLAKAFFI restaurant features locally sourced dishes, with a
focus on Arctic char caught from the highland lakes and lamb meat directly from our
farm. Cooked in different ways, along with seasonal food like reindeer meat and
goose. We use Icelandic herbs and Icelandic vegetables from organic farms close
For outdoors enthusiasts we offer recreation options tailored to different interests.
We are conveniently located, close to many amazing spots of the highlands and the
nearby lowlands. Lake Mývatn, Dettifoss, Ásbyrgi, Askja, Kverkfjöll and Stuðlagil are
all within driving distance from our farm.


Adapting to nature that comes with price

When arriving to the highest settled farm in Iceland we kindly ask you to please keep
in mind that our facilities may not be as convenient as those found elsewhere in the
country. For example, we do not have access to the national power grid. To reduce
using diesel generator (like in the past), in 2006 we decided to build a water hydro
power station that serves the farm with electricity and heating up water for us, for the
camping, for the accommodation facilities, sheep house, and staff house. Since
there is no geothermal activity here, we use electricity to heat the water. Our cold
water comes from a deep-down natural spring.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information. We look forward to welcoming