Day Trip – Hike up Herðubreið (1682 M)

Leaving Möðrudalur in the morning, we will drive for about 2 hours to the western foot of Herðubreið, the “Queen of Icelandic Mountains”. The climb up takes 3½ to 4 hours. Upon reaching the peak, we will enjoy the view as well as having some lunch before heading back down. The descent takes about 2½ hours. Our next stop is the nature reserve east of Herðubreið, where we will enjoy the silence and tranquillity of this highland desert oasis, listen to stories of the outlaws who stayed there, and look at the ruins of their shelter. Finally, we will drive over the rivers Lindaá and Grafarlandaá to the Ring Road and back to Möðrudalur. The trip is expected to take about 12 hours.

Please note we need 4 persons to confirm a departure.